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Improve Your Dart Game

If youíve just starting playing darts and are wondering how to improve your dart game, the tips and techniques here can help take you from a dart thrower to a focused player.  If youíve been at darts for while but have reached a sort of plateau where you donít seem to be getting any better, using these common sense tips practice tips can make the difference between a fair game, and a good one.

Prepare before you practice.  American Dart Champion Dave DePriest stretches before he practices or throws matches, to prepare and loosen up the muscles he uses when throwing darts.  If this sounds silly to you, and youíre picturing long-distance runners stretching their calves and hamstrings, give it a try, anyway.  It doesnít need to be an elaborate routine, just some light stretching of the arms and shoulders.  Warm muscle works better than cold muscle, whether youíre mowing the yard, cross-country skiing, or playing darts.

Practice regularly. ďOf course, I know I have to practice to improve my dart game, everybody knows that!Ē  But how often you practice, the length of your practice times, and the way you approach darts practice can affect the results you get, or whether or not you get any good results at all.

If you play on Saturday, and then donít pick up a dart until the next weekend, this practice time probably does little good.  If you canít practice every day, try spending some time with darts two or three days through the week, so that you donít go for long stretches without playing.

And when you do practice, is it for 10 minutes, or 3 hours? If you donít spend enough time trying to improve your game, youíre just tossing off a few throws and moving on.  If you overdo it, it becomes an exercise in chucking the dart over and over, with little focus on form or concentration.  

If an hour feels like enough time for you improve and practice, throw for an hour.  If you find yourself becoming frustrated after 30 minutes and your throws are getting worse, then half an hour might be your limit.  Find what works for you, and try to practice that long at least three or four days a week.

Practice with focus. When you practice, practice alone.  While an afternoon throwing darts with friends is a good time, practice is best spent without distractions or worries about anyone seeing that wild throw! Concentrate on your breathing, keeping it steady and slow.  And before you throw the first dart, see it hit the dartboard exactly where you want it.

Donít just spend an hour trying to hammer the bullseye, try these techniques to improve your dart game:  Pick any spot on the board, and throw. Try this all around the board, and see how often you hit where you intend. Another good practice technique is to throw the dart, and then no matter where it lands, try to his that spot again.

These techniques can help you improve your dart game Ė so go practice!